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Old School Demo Bootleg
released 2004 - Red Shirt Records

I received a 3-track CD from the band the other day, and "WoW" what a CD it is. Good old dirty Detroit style rock.... It has a very catchy element, your foot cannot stay still for very long, and the vocals reminded me a little of Jane's Addiction(only a little). The three songs are excellent, so much so, that after they had finished I felt a little let down. I wanted more!!! 3 just wasn't anywhere near enough to satisfy my craving for Chop Suzy music....

Worth checking out, you won't regret it...

- Eclectic Wisdom, 2004


Hollywood California breeds it's own kinda punkass, bordering on the line between garage metal and bastard rock n blues. Sounding like the illegitimate child of Blue Cheer and The Stooges, Chop Suzy bring the grit with monster riffs and a heritage derived straight from the old blue shooting gallery in ancient Hollywood. First off, "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" is beyond infectious, making even those not wasted wanna get up and play the fool. While the mix may definitely be homebrew (like alot of other good "shit" that is made in a Hollywood basement), it's a tad above complete lo-fi, brewing punkabilly with acid blues licks to produce masterpieces of the wasteland (check out "Sexpot"). Chop Suzy is what Jerry Lee Lewis would sound like if he came out today, and played a mean guitar, pretty fuckin' cool!

- Slam Punkzine, 2004


Music to Love Yourself To

Old School Demo Bootleg - $2
released 2004 - Red Shirt Records



Woulda Coulda Shoulda
The Great Escape





















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